Hostel Punta de Lobos

Punta de Lobos beach, Pichilemu

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Hostel Punta de Lobos


Overview of Hostel

Surrounded by an ecological environment, Hostal Punta de Lobos delivers all the tranquility that surrounds you to make your trip to Pichilemu a satisfying experience overall.

Hostal Punta de Lobos has all the facilities and infrastructure to make your visit to Pichilemu, just breathing peace. Fee

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Traveling by car you can reach the road that comes from Pichilemu to Punta de Lobos, on Bucalemu direction, you have to go over 300 meters after the fork to Punta de Lobos, then find a road which in the beginning you will find the first signal indicative to our hostel, these signs with arrows will guide you to your new place to stay.
If you come from Bucalemu past 7 km Cahuil and only 300 meters before reaching the fork to Punta de Lobos find on the east side of the road at its beginning, is the first signal indicative guide you to our hostel.
If you come by bus you can ask all the information you need in the
Go Pichilemu office located in the only bus terminal
Considered important that if you travel from Santiago you can manage
your bus ticket making sure it is for the short road, which lasts
only 3 hours in either of 2 companies coming to the
City: South Pullman Buses Nilahue.

The value of a taxi to our hostel Pichilemu should not be
over $ 3000..

Located near

Located 70 meters above sea level, 1 km from Punta de Lobos beach, 7 km from Pichilemu, 7 km from Cahuil. Come to Go Pichilemu office located in the bus terminal and asks for a map to guide your arrival at the Hostel or from requesting it and do it through e-mail. We offer taxi and shuttle service in and out of Pichilemu.

Conditions & Policy

No Curfew