Aji Verde Hostel

Vicuaa 415, La Serena

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Aji Verde Hostel


Overview of Hostel

Because we understand travelers and we take our job seriously, we have carefully prepared this house together with artists and backpackers to provide just what you need for an unforgettable stay.

We have a safe, friendly atmosphere. Free wiffi,nice clean private and shared rooms, linen service in

From Nights People


From the Bus Station a taxi will cost 3.000 aprox. You can use a colectivo (shared taxi with a sign in the top) that will cost $600. The colectivo station is inmediatly south of the Bus Station. From the airport Just ask for Aji Verde Hostel or Vicuña street N 415 central zone, or just call us to the number on your confirmation email on your booking

Walking will be 25 min from bus station..

Located near

We have near a Historic Colonial Town, City Center, Museums, Art Galleries, Banks, Art&Crafts and Main Market, also its close Flies Market, Fish Market, Bars & Restaurants, Main Square, many parks montains, also we have a beautifull terrace with a free use telescope. Beach is 30 min walking

Conditions & Policy

Child Friendly

Just respect the other and bring your good vibes